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    2019年相繼參加國內外的中國(北京)國際工程機械展覽與技術交流會BICES、中國再生資源百強企業峰會、印尼雅加達工程機械展覽會KONSTRUKSI INDONESIA、澳大利亞國際機械制造周展覽會NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK等各大展會,擴大世界影響力。
    In 2019, we have participated in the China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES), the China Top 100 Renewable Resources Summit, the Indonesian Jakarta Construction Machinery Exhibition (KONSTRUKSI INDONESIA), the Australian International Machinery Manufacturing Week Exhibition (NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK) and other major exhibitions to expand the influence of the world.
    2018年上海國際工程機械寶馬展覽會(BAUMA CHINA)訂單銷量翻一倍。成功研發報廢汽車拆解機等大型機械設備。
    2018 Shanghai International Construction Machinery BMW Exhibition (BAUMA CHINA) orders doubled. Successfully developed large machinery and equipment such as scrap car disassemblers.
    2017: In May, Jisan constantly updated product performance, have introduced heavy-duty hydraulic shear, hydraulic pulverizer, new grasping steel and other products.
    In November, Jisan purchased several CNC machine tools to expand its production capacity.
    2016年3月 金山重工六款系列液壓剪相繼下線,走出國門。
    2016年9月 金山重工占地86畝地的新工廠正式開始啟動。
    2016: In March, Jisan successfully manufactured six types of hydraulic shear and sold to overseas.
    In September, Jisan new workshop covering 57000 square meters was put into use. Jisan Heavy Industry Ltd, as the leading manufacturer of excavator attachments, will continually focus on development and production of high quality products to satisfy customers home and abroad.
    2015年12月 金山重工165F,175F、185F系列加重型產品陸續投放市場
    2015: In December, chisel diameter 165mm, 175mm and 185mm Jisan hydraulic breakers completed mass production and were put into market.
    2014年9月 金山重工正式投資破碎錘生產,定位生產140以上大錘制造企業
    2014: In September, Jisan started to focus on heavy duty hydraulic breaker manufacture.
    2013年12月 單次出口50萬美金產品,得到國際客戶的一致好評。
    2013年5月 陸續通過歐盟CE認證、CIMA資格認證、GOST-R 認證。
    2013: In December, the company successfully signed a five hundred thousand contract with foreign agent. Jisan products get well recognized in Global market.
    In May, Jisan products passed CE, CIMA and GOST-R certification.
    2012年11月 金山重工正式定位為專業的挖掘機屬具制造商,當年已經擁有10個以上類別,50多個型號的產品生產能力,且為挖掘機屬具行業不斷研發制造新產品。
    2012: In November, the company had the capacity to develop and manufacture excavator attachments more than ten series of fifty types, and devoted to be the most professional excavator attachments manufacturer in China.
    2011年3月 金山重工DLK第一臺連接器下線,標志著金山重工多元化發展路線正式拉開帷幕。
    2011年4月 金山重工振動夯,抓木器等其它屬具陸續下線
    2011: In March, the first hydraulic quick hitch completed production with excellent quality, which means Jisan excavator attachments production line officially put into use.
    Subsequently in April, other excavator attachments products (including hydraulic plate compactor and hydraulic grapple) achieved great success in the market.
    2010年12月 公司破碎錘銷量突破600臺,實現當年銷售額3500萬
    2010: In December, Jisan hydraulic breaker was sold more than 1000 sets with annual revenue up to six million dollars.
    2009年2月 煙臺金山重工機械設備有限公司 正式成立
    2009: In February, the company was founded with the name “JISAN HEAVY INDUSTRY LTD.”
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